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Sitting here in my home office drinking a cup of the world’s best coffee that’s right “Organo Gold” Latte cause I like it sweet!

I been off for the last couple days the kids started back to school.  So those of you with kids know the whole routine getting the bus routes together, 1st day, after school, teachers oh the list goes on and on.

But I’m back on track whew! So yesterday I decided to get my hair cut off.  I’m cutting it down slowly as I prepare for my new look for my brand launch 8/27/13

So there I was getting my hair done, joining a call for my business development, jumping off that call to do a radio interview and in between all of that coaching a potential client on next steps for the reality show she’s currently taping for whew right oh by the way all this was going on without stop from 12-2:15!

While my driver was taking me to my location which was to get the kids off the bus at 3pm.  It occurred to me that all my life I have always shared whatever I had with anyone who ask me without limitations.

That’s why it was natural for me to marry a pastor and co-pastor a church while speaking all over the world.  It became clearer to me the reason why my life was shaped the way it had been which explain to me or gave me a peace about some of the ruff places and the distances I have had to travel to accomplish and get to where I am today.

Does that sound like you? Are the person who always is willing to go, speak, do or give when no one else will? Do you find yourself always giving advice to help others avoid the mistakes you made in your journey.

Well that’s your ah ha moment! You are a Life Coach so build that as a brand! Let the world know you have finally accepted who you were born to be created to help coach others through the tough places of life!

Listen twitter is not going to let you get the word out it allows you 120 characters and instagram pictures come on guys what if I told you I found a way to connect with people who want people like you and me in their life would you do it?

Well I have you are now at the edge of your seat yelling tell me dammit! LMBO I’ve been telling you for the last several paragraphs it blogging!

Yes, it blogging I have been able to connect with you without shorting my words or having you to guest what and where I am by looking at a picture.

I been sharing with you who I am and what I’m doing to connect with like minded people like yourself and people who want to connect with a person like me!

Guess what you can join me by simply clicking the badass link in the middle for the blogging package! You can start today connecting with yourself, your higher purpose/power and people all around the world TODAY just by clicking the link below!

Well I hope I have shared some light on your dark place remember it’s your choice! It’s your Life! It’s your happiness! It’s all about YOU!

I Am Domonique Scott

Let's Do It Again!


I’m sitting in my home office on this rainey morning drinking you know the world’s best tasting healthy tea “Organo Gold” yeah I switch it up this morning drinking “red tea” its so flavorful :)

It was so good I decided to make another cup! Which gave me the inspiration for this blog “Lets Do It Again”. Have you ever had something really good you wanted more? Or have you ever did something right and said to yourself lets do it again?

I know you been fighting like hell to get up and get started again! I FULLY understand what it feels like to be left to fend for yourself! I can go with you in the dark caves of your life where even the people who you thought would never leave or forsake you hurt you to the core!

But, my question today is does that is that enough for you to stop trying? Is that enough for you to walk away from life and YOUR right to pursue happiness? Does that mean because the person, place or thing who FAIL to see success in YOU were they right? Do you deserve to be left in the trenches to die alone? NO NO NO HELL NO NO

Let’s Do It Again! Let’s start this day FULLY seizing our moment together to be more than what we are at this moment! Lets start today Branding ourselves as WINNERS, OVER COMERS, FIGHTERS AND PEOPLE WHO NEVER QUIT!

Changing your BRAND requires WORK and fully understanding a CHANGE has come not ONLY to you but to the WORLD! Think about what you want to put out there about the NU You.  Your words, look, hair, style and of course what makes you The Next Big Brand.

Listen I’m telling you when I connected with this system it helped me put a lot of things in perspective. You can share in that with me TODAY by simply signing up for the Bad Ass Blogging System below TODAY!

Join today and if I’m connecting with you in anyway leave me a comment below hell share this on your FB & Twitter help me help others find what you found today :)

I Am Domonique Scott

Building My Big Brand


I was pleasantly surprise to see people who are following me start to catch on to understanding their brand :)

What was surprising was I notice people who I thought had it ALL together knew their head from their tails actually paying attention to what I was saying :)

Has that ever happen to you? You just going through your life mining your life and business to one day discover everything you do or say people pay ATTENTION!

That’s your ah ha moment!  I believe with EVERY fiber in me NOT only are you the Next Big Brand but you are YOUR best brand!  Today I challenging you to click on the badass link below join the blogging platform $25 and start Branding yourself TODAY!

Don’t try to understand everything TODAY, but rather get started TODAY!  Listen if I would have waited I believe I would has missed (2) two very important calls I received today!  They were inquiring for me to launch on Radio & TV again OMG! I just started blogging putting it all out their and I’m attracting doors NO MAN CAN CLOSE OR DUPLICATE WITHOUT ME! All because I choose to believe I Am A Brand!

You are the next Big Brand and you are just one click away.  Listen TO ME! People come up to you ALL DAY EVERYDAY! People LIVE to see what you’re going to put on for the day! They spend the day wishing they could spend a day in YOUR SHOES!

YOU have it NOW believe it! See you on the other side of Greatness!

I Am Domonique Scott

What's Your Focus?


Sitting here enjoying one cup of amazing coffee “Organo Gold” Latte flavor :) It occurred to me we are such talented people why is that we have the least amount of success?

We own some of the greatest minds in history, we build stuff others often can’t even see, spectacular entrepreneurs, dancers, singers, writers, and so much more!  Why are we the last or the least recognized contributors to society?

Oh I have heard it all we are are worse enemies, crabs in a bucket or just plain haters! Now I’m not saying there is NO truth in that, but it’s just a part of the truth its not the hold truth!

What I’ve come to realize is for the most part we don’t have a concentrated focus! We are simply all over the place! We often lack poor leadership skills and follow through is shot in the head!

In order to have REAL success you are going to have to focus which when you really look at the word it’s asking you to be committed! Ah ha! that’s it commitment the BAD word! Most of us can’t commit to anything past our own selfish desires never-the-less someone else’s dream, vision, project or leadership.

But, I remind you I read somewhere what you make happen for someone else your higher power/karma WILL make happen for you! Also read when you are faithful over the little you are MADE ruler over MUCH!

So, today as you plan out your next big thing keep in mind it will require focus and commitment! Hey leave me a comment below let me know if we are connecting.  Also I looking for some committed people to join me on The Next Big Brand opportunity and it all starts by clicking the button below TODAY and start sharing blogs with me of your ideals of next steps.

If that’s you click the blogging link below and get started TODAY.

I Am Domonique Scott



Before I dashed out to my preferred way/location of worship of course I had a cup of the best tasting coffee “Organo Gold” Latte.

As I sat for a brief moment I paused just to give thanks :) my life is filled with the love of someone greater than I who has always kept a watchful eye over me!  And, even when I did not understand who or what was the greater one was or where? A decision was made to favor me and to give a Good Life.

As I sat I thought of ALL the people who wanted and prayed for my demise but although it was formed in their hearts it did not prosper!

Life is such a amazing gift today I challenge you to enjoy yours take inventory of EVERYTHING!  The bad things although they were created to hurt you they built you up in character, humility and unbreakable strength!  The good things were your rewards for having the fortitude to encompass and surpass the hard places on your road to DESTINY!

Let me share with you today as you prepare for your week.  You were created for this and you are bigger than the life you are experiencing right now!  You are so much more than the people and place you might find yourself in right this very moment!

Get up take your LIFE to the next level of your ultimate dream and goal!  It starts by clicking the link below share your story with someone encourage outside of yourself the world is waiting to hear your story!

You are The Next Big Brand just click the button below and start TODAY and please share with me if I reaching you by leaving a comment below.

I Am Domonique Scott

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